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by Vivian
May 4th, '19, 23:27
Forum: Manufacturing Sales
Topic: Sales is tough
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Sales is tough

Prospecting is tough.
Sales is tough and competition is in every industry and every product.
But, sales is worth the effort and rewarding.
Try try try till you triumph.
People will help you sale through if you are willing to give your best.
by Vivian
Apr 29th, '19, 11:06
Forum: Miscellaneous-New
Topic: How to get real estate leads
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How to get real estate leads

Build partnerships Throw a housewarming [arty Become a restaurant regular Send a handwritten note Advertise Build your own website Develop a niche Use "Coming Soon" signs Head to an open house Generate leads on LinkedIn Organize educational events Become a Redfin Partner Agent Don't neglec...
by Vivian
Mar 22nd, '19, 10:58
Forum: IT-Sales
Topic: Instead, think of your outbound phone work as "warm calling."
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Instead, think of your outbound phone work as "warm calling."

Even if the prospect you’re calling isn’t expecting to hear from you, there are LOTS of ways to turn a "cold call" into a "warm call." It’s not about smiling and dialing (though yes, you should always smile when you’re making a call). Warm calling means that you’ve researched the...
by Vivian
Mar 19th, '19, 20:07
Forum: Banking Sales
Topic: SDR calling
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SDR calling

A bad phone voice hurts your connect to meeting ratio, but overthinking it is just as bad. All of your headspace should be focused on the prospect and decoding what they are really saying. Ironically, the SDRs with the worst tone are usually the ones overthinking it. This was my trick: Adopt the sam...
by Vivian
Mar 1st, '19, 14:39
Forum: Healthcare Sales
Topic: Cold Calling
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Cold Calling

An opening statement that takes 30 seconds to ask for a final 30 seconds isn’t a wise bet. Decision makers are most agitated at the beginning of a cold call so it’s best to intro with your reason for calling. Once they connect with the subject matter they’ll be more open to giving you time. Using te...
by Vivian
Mar 1st, '19, 12:12
Forum: Real Estate Sales
Topic: Great lesson in sales
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Great lesson in sales

After you win a deal......

Don't stop to celebrate.

Keep filling the funnel with qualified sales leads...

Keep prospecting...

Keep pitching...

Keep delivering value....

And keep winning....
by Vivian
Feb 23rd, '19, 11:28
Forum: Automotive Sales
Topic: Legs feed the Wolves
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Legs feed the Wolves

Legs are our money makers
by Vivian
Feb 15th, '19, 12:32
Forum: Miscellaneous-New
Topic: Recipe for Success
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Recipe for Success

Have you ever thought that if you guaranty every one around you is successful that you will guaranty your own success. It's a great recipe for success but it's not easy. It requires attention to everyone around you. And you can't take plays off. You can't get from the first floor to the top floor by...
by Vivian
Jan 24th, '19, 11:33
Forum: Manufacturing Sales
Topic: Thursday Motivation
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Thursday Motivation

- God and family are everything. Don't let anything take priority over them. Focus on doing your marriage and family right first and building your relationship with God and everything else will fall into place - Chase your passion in life but give yourself time to learn and develop. We're all to ant...
by Vivian
Jan 17th, '19, 14:24
Forum: IT-Sales
Topic: Here are so many ways to fail in sales, don’t make these mistakes.
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Here are so many ways to fail in sales, don’t make these mistakes.

1. Don’t skip steps during training. For example, if your training calls on you to read some books, actually read the books. 2. Don’t miss time prospecting. Prospecting is one of the most tedious tasks in sales and can often fall to the wayside. Keep your prospecting consistent by scheduling it ever...