I woke up without a job

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I woke up without a job

Postby Vivian » Oct 11th, '18, 15:59

3 weeks ago today, for the first time in 17 years, I woke up without a job.

I - Kevin Dorsey. Sales Dev Exec of the Year. Top 100 Sales Coach. Top Sales Speaker, blah blah

Was let go for “Business Reasons”

What does that mean?

Well VERY long story short - I did not hit the numbers they wanted.

With all the coaching, hiring, process and strategy improvements, and effort, I did not hit the very aggressive goals I signed up for.

That is Extreme Ownership. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it or me. I know I did all I could and still believe I was the best person to get it done.

I was surprised and disappointed.

I’m disappointed I won’t be there for my team, to help them grow and improve.

I’m disappointed I won’t be able to see some key projects through that were finally ready.

There is little looking back, that I would have done differently with what I knew at the time, there were challenges and roadblocks I did not anticipate.

I can 100% say that the department is in a MUCH better place now and I learned some key lessons along the way.

Oh well. That’s life and that’s business. I still wish them all the best.

But the universe works in mysterious ways.

I’m VERY excited to share what I have coming up next, so stay tuned y’all.