Cold Calling

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Cold Calling

Postby Vivian » Mar 1st, '19, 14:39

An opening statement that takes 30 seconds to ask for a final 30 seconds isn’t a wise bet. Decision makers are most agitated at the beginning of a cold call so it’s best to intro with your reason for calling. Once they connect with the subject matter they’ll be more open to giving you time.

Using terms like “executive briefing” won’t get you anywhere on a cold call. The people we’re calling on are really smart and won’t be swayed with flattering or boastful terms. The most important thing is that you sound like an expert on a topic that’s relevant to them.

Basing a cold call on a trigger event puts you in a category called “everybody”. Trigger events are important but are often misused leaving decision makers even more skeptical. It’s better to work trigger events into a conversation rather than make the conversation about them.

What would you avoid? Don’t say cold calling.