Motivating your Team

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Motivating your Team

Postby Vivian » May 12th, '17, 19:11

There are various leadership styles but which one suits you determine how you lead your time. Leadership styles are like fingerprints and almost every leader has a different style of leading their team.

The best style of leadership is called as Servant Leadership. This leadership has shown success to most of the people in leading their team. There are some points which can be explained more in detail.

Be Humble as much as you can
Confidence blended with humility is the best recipe for success. You should keep needs of your team before your needs. Give them attention and solve their problems. Always consider them better than you and be open minded to accept new ideas. Celebrate their success. Automatically, they will start following you.

Trust in your team
When you hired them, you hired them after analysing their capabilities. Believe in your intuition. Give them freedom to take decisions by themselves. Don't nag behind small things. This open environment will be good for everybody in long run.

Lead from the Back
If you are a leader, lead from the back of the room. Don't be a dictator and do not necessarily be a centre of attention for all. If you are a good leader, you will allow your team’s wings to expand. They will start taking responsibility for their success as well as failures. This will make them more successful and loyal towards you and your organisation.

Deliver great results
Servant leadership does not mean being the only nice guy and not delivering great results. Servant leadership means empowering your team and bringing out the best of them to generate best results. There might be cost cutting projects which you may have to handle. Instead of cost cutting, empower your team to increase profits per sale so that they may understand a broader vision of the company.

Develop future leaders
Best leaders are the ones which develop great leaders. They are the ones which motivate their team to perform at peak and so there is mutual trust and respect in the team. This is good for the long term of the company.