Evolution of Sales Process:

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Evolution of Sales Process:

Postby Vivian » Jul 23rd, '16, 13:44

Old sales processes are no longer useful. Many intelligent customers do complete research online and purchase even before getting in touch with sales person. Many recent studies indicate that customers look at various competitors sites, emails and information and then get in touch with sales people. Around 60% of customers use search engines extensively before purchasing any thing.

Customers want free trials or demos in very early stage of sales process. This is done to get the feel of product, before making the purchase. But usually sales people consider Demo as last step of closing the sale. Customers want to understand the product as much as they want, before looking for spending on it. Companies can provide a demo of their product on website itself, to attract the customers and increase the engagement process.

When prospects have done their research and understood well about the product, then they may want to get in touch with Sales persons. And during their first call, they will discuss mostly about pricing and how they will benefit from it. Also, there is some disconnect between what buyers want to know from sales persons and what sales persons want to know from buyers. Sales persons are more interested to find, if the prospect is qualified or not or whether he is responsible for purchase or not and on the other hand, prospect wants to know how the product will benefit his organization and how the pricing will work.

When prospects have done research about the product, then they will want to get in touch with somebody from the company and then Sales person will come into picture. Sales person should be good listeners and should give the right advice to the prospects so that they evaluate the product to the best of abilities they can.