Cold Call, Cold Emails or Both??

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Cold Call, Cold Emails or Both??

Postby Vivian » Oct 26th, '16, 13:19

With no arguments in place, two time tested methods to get in touch with prospects is either through cold calls or through cold emails. Some sales professionals like to cold call but some sales professionals like only cold emails.
Cold calls bring with them better control as compared to cold email. But many prospects get angry when they receive sales pitch when they are at middle of something. Yet, sales calls has historically been proven as most effective tools for sales reps. Best part of sales call is that the queries of the prospects are handled at the same time and this brings in the confidence to prospect.
Sales gurus have recommended to avoid sales pitch at the beginning of call and always to keep the introduction as simple and sweet before asking any questions. Experienced sales professionals know that they will receive answer for an open ended question as either yes or no or may be. They are prepared to answer all those objections and take the discussion forward. Sales gurus love cold calling because of its great ROI. For every 100 calls, on a average 26 meetings are scheduled. But the problem which cold call brings that prospects dont want to listen the cold call at once. The cold calls for B2B sales should focus on getting the meeting with buyers and learning more about buyer’s needs. Cold calling process should begin with understanding more about the prospect and knowing more about their current scenarios. After basic research, the prospect should be called. Some sales professionals don’t like cold emails because they don’t know whether somebody read it or not or what was the reaction for the same.

Cold emails on the other hand are scalable and especially a great tool for the sales team who do not have so many resources to call. Sales professionals can send out lot of emails in short span of time. Also, if the template is right and list is good, you can send any number of emails without being marked as spam. Emails should me made so that it looks personal. Some mail merge techniques could be used for giving a personal touch. You need to take 10-15 samples from the database and do in depth study of the samples. Try to find out something in common in these samples. Once, you have found the common thing, you need to mention those things (or pain points) in the email. Like this, you can make your email more personal. And, if the target market is same, you can send this email to thousands of prospects.

Cold emails should have positive/ Neutral response rate of 10-35% and if the response rate is less than 12%, then there is some problem. Since, the market is moving digital at a very fast rate, the sales professionals who do not learn to sell through social media or cold emails will fall behind. The question should never be Cold call or cold email. The question should not come at all. Both of them are important for achieving success. Every target market is different. Learn what best works for you and work harder on that strategy than anybody else.

Sales professionals should understand that sales call is essentially an interruption. Sales professionals should allow the prospect to explain their needs rather than just explaining about the product. Also, there are minimum of 8 followups required to get a response from the prospect (Either yes, No or May be). Also, your pitch needs to be well planned and practised. Similarly the email template has to be well organised and cross checked. If you are trying to solve their problem and helping them make more money or save more money, they will be interested for sure.