My sales connection's thoughts on this:

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My sales connection's thoughts on this:

Postby Vivian » Jul 28th, '18, 09:51

Was told recently that I have to be a HORRIBLE BOSS in order to grow a sales team quickly. That focusing too much on culture doesn't help. Our culture will get abused by salespeople. That there's no other way.

I agree that SOME salespeople will abuse our culture, and take for granted whatever good things we are trying to do for them. And I will deal with them individually.

But I don't agree that I need to be a horrible boss to scale a sales team!

I want to prove this idea wrong.

There are many hardworking salespeople out there who are looking for a place with good leadership and culture. If you're one of them and interested to know more about sales in WOBB, do comment below or PM me.

We can prove together that there's a better way to scale a sales team!

Derek Toh
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