Getting Six Figure Salary

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Getting Six Figure Salary

Postby Vivian » Oct 30th, '17, 10:40

Software Development
If you are excited about coding for long hours and not crabbed by quality assurance bug reports, this profile could help you fetch six figure salary for a long time.

Internet Marketing
Digitisation has paved way for this career and digital marketing chaps are earning great beans these days. Most important of all, this vocation is not going away too soon. Even mid level executives in this profile are earning great bucks.

Project Management
If you have knowledge of some management tools like Basecamp and have some technical knowledge, you can get into project management. If you have expertise in ERP, you can easily earn six figure salary.

Finance Management
Atleast 5-6 years of experience is required to own financial consultant skills. You should be good at numbers and analyse and do risk assessment for various investment of companies or companies end customers. Needless to say, these skills require lot of precision and accuracy.

Jobs in IT technologies
Various jobs in IT industry specific to new technologies can earn a great salary and they are already on the fly. The job market is set to increase by 10% yoy till 2024. If you have command over various tools and is able to solve problems through them, you can earn a six figure salary for quite a long duration of your career

Sales is ever growing career with high earning potential. You can earn a six figure salary once you hone up certain skills like customer management etc. Great communication skills will also help you earn a great package in sales.

Public Relations
Various profiles are available for confident speakers. You can bag a job as a fund raiser or marketing communication. You can also create a career as a politician ;)

Motivational speaker
Teachers generally don't earn six figure salary and experience also does not have impact on compensation a lot. But if you work as a life coach or motivational speaker, you can easily bag six figure salary.

Personal Financial Advisor
If you have experience dealing with securities and commodities, then this could be a good career for you. You can open a brokerage firm and get paid when your customers earn the profits

Career as a Pilot
Though a non traditional career, but pilots could earn a great sum of money during flying hours. Pilots have to enlist themselves in local licensing agency to get the valid license for flying.