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Feature dumping is an ineffective way to sell anything.
List down all features of your product/service?
▪ List down all benefits of above features
▪ List down RoIs to the customers with the above benefits
Pitch Benefits and RoIs.

BEHAVIOR PATTERNS In India and Across!
╺ Investors read early in the morning
╺ HR reads in btw 10 AM to 4 PM
╺ CTO & Tech after 4 PM, hate spam
╺ Marketing, don’t mind spam, reads 9 AM to
12 PM
╺ Startups - No specific time
╺ Sales - No specific time

╺ Knowledge sells in South
╺ Value for money sells in West
╺ Trust sells in North
╺ Nothing sells in East

╺ HR - Cost Center
╺ Tech - Cost Center
╺ Sales - Profit Center
╺ Marketing - Profit Center
╺ Ops - Cost Center

╺ Startups - Ready to swipe the card
╺ SMEs - Contract Less Invoice Billing: 21 days to 45 days payment cycle
Enterprises - PO & Invoice Billing: 30 to 90 days billing

Referral is the best source of qualified leads.

To sell: Budget is the key, the Right person is the key, Need is the key, Time is the key,

Budget - Customer should have Money
▸ Authority - Pitch to the right person
▸ Need - Approach the needy
▸ Time - Check the time frame
BANT is a simple method to qualify!

Listening is the one skill which sets apart top sales people from others. It is important to know customer's pain points.
Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers: Voltaire
How to converse: Prepare standard questionnaire about your domain. Minimum 5 questions
Industry specific questionnaire: Minimum of 3 questions
Profile specific questionnaire: Minimum of 3 questions
The buyer persona includes: Demographics, behavior patterns, Motivation, Roles, Goals, Challenges
Buyer persona helps in sales, marketing, pricing, UI/UX, messaging
Minjar Buyers persona:
Enterprise: CTO/ CIO in Indian enterprise with minimum DevOps team with cloud spend of 2 lakhs and above per month who is fine with outsourcing
Start-up: Tech startup founder with series A above funding focussing on growth with no DevOps team