Your buyers are not "more sophisticated than ever."

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Your buyers are not "more sophisticated than ever."

Postby Vivian » Oct 5th, '18, 20:32

Your buyers are not "more sophisticated than ever." While that may comfort struggling salespeople and help Marketing get more budget, it is a fallacy.

The truth:
- 'Actively shopping' buyers do have more information available than ever before, but 97% of prospects are not actively shopping.
- If your sales are predicated only on capturing the 3% who are, you're hosed
- If you're targeting the 97% who aren't, your prospects are:
- More distracted than ever
- Subject to more internal purchasing controls than ever
- More scared than ever to invest time/money in something they don't understand, or which will embarrass them later if it fails
- Competing more with other departments for development resources

The solution:

- Be the expert. Know more than they do and show them your expertise quickly and emphatically.
- Make the complex simple, giving them courage to begin/endure a painful approval process.
- Your product must be simple to implement, train, and measure, and show lightning fast speed to value.
- Ensure all clients see value, creating an army of sales conversion multipliers. Continually remind them of that value.

97% of potential buyers are not sitting at their desk, dreaming of your product. Someone will have to find them, teach them, and sell to them.

Might as well be you.

Mark A Smith
VP Sales: Womply