A couple of rules for handing inbound calls

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A couple of rules for handing inbound calls

Postby Vivian » Sep 23rd, '18, 19:10

1. Be nice. Always, always, always be nice. If you can’t be nice at that moment, don’t answer the phone.
2. Smile when you talk.
3. Listen to what the prospect is saying and ask for clarification if you’re not sure. Ask them to repeat what they just said. It’s okay – you’re allowed. This will assure you are getting your facts straight and you will appear thoughtful because of your determination to understand the prospect’s pain.
4. Ask questions - real questions about the person: how they heard about your company and why they are calling.
5. Be succinct – ask and answer questions clearly, but use not more than three sentences in a
row before flipping around the conversation with a question to the prospect. Nobody is ever
going to call you because they want to hear a soliloquy. You aren’t nearly as interesting as
your prospect.