Here are so many ways to fail in sales, don’t make these mistakes.

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Here are so many ways to fail in sales, don’t make these mistakes.

Postby Vivian » Jan 17th, '19, 14:24

1. Don’t skip steps during training. For example, if your training calls on you to read some books, actually read the books.
2. Don’t miss time prospecting. Prospecting is one of the most tedious tasks in sales and can often fall to the wayside. Keep your prospecting consistent by scheduling it every day, your pipeline will thank you.
3. Don’t fight with people. You’re in sales and that means you’re officially/unofficially a peacemaker. Fighting with customers gets you nowhere and fighting with people at your own company gets you nowhere and alone.
4. Don’t take naps during the day. Whether it’s between calls in the car or during lunch under your desk, you’re in sales and in order to be successful you need to be fresh and bring energy to every day.
5. Don’t stay out all night. Your profession calls on you to do a variety of tasks throughout the day including communicating with people. Being groggy all the time isn’t going to help you win salesperson of the year. This also helps with number four.

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